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Our commitment is to ensure a positive experience for each enrollee and their family at our center and to deliver the best care possible for your child in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

We value quality of care and your peace of mind over cost therefore we offer affordable rates in our preschool and nursery programs.

Here, your child will develop the tools to navigate a changing world, friendships to stand the test of time, and a lifelong love of learning. We ensure they are ready for school. And ready for life. It's a great place to grow!

Schedule a tour to see firsthand everything our center has to offer! We look forward to meeting you and your family!

School Children


When it comes to teachers, our standards are as high as yours. At Funshine, child care and education services are provided by trained, dedicated teachers who love what they do!

To ensure staff quality, we conduct a pre-hiring assessment that identifies high-quality candidates. 

We check references and conduct thorough background checks based on state and/or local licensing requirements. This includes fingerprinting and appropriate criminal background checks, as well as verification of educational credentials. Candidates who will transport children undergo a thorough driving history check and annual checks.

We do this to protect the most valuable part of our center: your child. That’s also why all of our teachers go through annual in-service training to stay current and apply the latest in earky childhood education to ensure and create a nurturing educational environment. Learning experiences are based on the unique needs and interests of children in their class. And a low student-to-teacher ratio means more individual attention.

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