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Funshine Preschool & Nursery provides children ages 6 weeks to 11 years old a community and nurturing environment for the development of foundational social/emotional, physical, sensory and cognitive skills that encourage individual expression, inspire creativity, promote a sense of community spirit and prepare children with the necessary tools for academic success in later school years.

Through a series of unique teaching methods based off some of the philosophies of Reggio Emilia, Rudolf Steiner, and Maria Montessori, Funshine Preschool & Nursery ensures an innovative experience and community for parents and children.

Our Program gives each child an opportunity to explore creations of all kinds through our well balanced, structured curriculum.

Our mission is to encourage, inspire and guide every child through a program that is based on community, experience and learning.

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(407) 942 3003

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Child Tax Credit Information

Learn about the “Ten Facts about Claiming the Child Tax Credit”.


Safe sleep can help protect your baby from sudden infant death syndrome (also called SIDS) and other dangers.


Children with ADHD

may have trouble sitting still, following directions, and completing tasks at home or school.

Early diagnosis is important. Find out the warning signs.‎

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