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6weeks to 12 months. old

At Funshine we have a designated infant room. Parents and teachers work together to design daily routines to meet each infant's physical needs. Every day there are opportunities for small group interactions, positive and tranquil transitions, and going outdoors. Departures are calm and provide time for caregivers and families to review the infant's day.


12 months to 24 months old

Our Toddler program is designed to foster the social, emotional and cognitive development of our earliest learners. We work to provide a loving, positive experience that caters to the needs of the individual child. Working with each child on separation issues, potty training or just being comfortable with the transition of being in a new environment.



2 and 3 year olds

This age group starts to construct knowledge not only through exploration and observation, but also through reflection and implementation of their daily plan.

Curiosity peeks their interest. With child directed and teacher led activities they develop a sense of independence and accomplishment as they are equipped with classroom jobs for their day-to-day tasks. 

Your child will enjoy safe and protective surroundings to explore and develop new abilities. Self help skills such as toilet training; dressing, eating, and hand washing are important parts of this program. Art, music, finger-painting, sand and water play, exercise, and imaginative play are also a part of this program. Your child's participation in these activities increases vocabulary and language skills and develops fine and gross motor skills.


4 and 5 yr. olds

Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare each child with the necessary tools to succeed in Kindergarten. With an emphasis on building confidence, enthusiasm and a love for learning, your child will be prepared beyond expectations for Kindergarten entry. Our Pre-K program goes over and beyond, name writing, letter and number recognition. Your child is challenged and equipped with the tools that will give them the ability to write the spelling of their colors, numbers and site words. 

Language and printed materials are prevalent as children see their spoken words have meaning, can be written down and read at a later time. Teachers develop a safe and meaningful relationship with each child to encourage academic and personal growth.

Ratio: 4 to 1

Classroom size: 8

Ratio: 15 to 1

Classroom size: 15

Ratio: 12 to 1

Classroom size: 18

Ratio: 6 to 1

Classroom size: 6

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Kids in Preschool

After-school Program-


Our enriching before and after school program is safe and provides a haven for after school activity where your child’s safety, learning and happiness is our chief concern. We provide an environment that allows for your child to balance playing with their peers, finishing homework, engaging in physical activity and pursuing their own individual unique interest.

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